Our Wallet

One Wallet, Multiple Accounts

We introduce FTB (Free Tool Box) wallets, suitable to download and install on a smartphone or tablet.Users can download and start to send or use the Tokens or Coins in the eCommerce Market and listed vendors. It can work seamlessly, however it depends on other nodes in the process of verification of transactions in Blockchain. We provides services in regular wallets and POS wallets. Anyone can download and send or receive tokens. There is no fee for sending tokens to regular Wallet.

On the other hand, POS Wallet can receive tokens, but can't send tokens. If you apply for the POS Vendor's for the Merchant Form, the Representative will check and provide the POS Wallet Authorization Code by e-mail. Once you receive the authorization code, you can withdraw cash from the customer. However, there is a withdrawal fee for withdrawal.

Wallet Features

The FTB official wallet uses 4 tokens.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the largest P2P cryptocurrency project. The FTB uses Bitcoin for wallets. All the BTC transactions can be traced in blockchain.com

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the first cryptocurrency project to introduce the concept of smart contracts. The FTB uses Ethereum for wallets. All the ETH transactions can be traced in etherscan.io

FTBToken (ERC2O)

FTB TOKEN (ERC20) is the core coin of the FTB platform. In the wallet, it operates mainly on FTB tokens. All the ERC 20 transactions can be traced in etherscan.io

Stable Coin (Dollar-Based)

In FTB, Stable coins are issued and used. Stable Coin is paired with the dollar, and 1 Stable is worth 1 USD and has been published and in operation. The main net is conducted on the Private Blockchain Network at Vaisenindia Token Solution, and Explorer uses the Good Payglobal Explorer explorer.goodpayglobal.in to prove the node. FTB token is a token based platform that not only increases the value, but also provides a profit model.