One Wallet, Multiple Accounts

Those who use the FTB Foundation's services will be given the opportunity to participate in various crypto asset
management projects, and the Foundation will benefit participants (users) through various operational projects.
The token management project operated by the FTB Foundation provides a private stable coin, FTBD. Anyone can
participate in the program, and users can further expand their use in real life and can earn money by participating in various
projects at the FTB Foundation and receive a variety of platforms related to easy-to-use encryption assets.
Innovative wallets for you, FTB tokens not only increase value, but also increase your business.
Our wallet is a token-based platform that provides a profit model.

The main characteristics of a wallet

The official FTB wallet uses four tokens.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the largest P2P cryptocurrency project. The FTB uses Bitcoin for wallets.
All the BTC transactions can be traced in  

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the first cryptocurrency project to introduce the concept of smart contracts.
The FTB uses Ethereum for wallets. All the ETH transactions can be traced in  

FTB Token (ERC20)

FTB TOKEN (ERC20) is the core coin of the FTB platform. In the wallet, it operates
mainly on FTB tokens. All the ERC 20 transactions can be traced in  


In FTB, Stable coins are issued and used. Stable Coin is paired with the dollar, and 1 Stable is
worth 1 USD and has been published and in operation. The main net is conducted on the
Private Blockchain Network at Goodpay Token Solution, and Explorer uses the
Good Payglobal Explorer to prove the node. FTB token is a token
based platform that not only increases the value, but also provides a profit model.

FTB Foundation provides the revenue model for global users with innovative
technology projects than the traditional payment methods to make the world
a better place for Blockchain Technology.

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