FTB Coin Distribution

FTB issues and operates Stable tokens on a dollar basis. Stable Token is issued and operated as a bit or token as much as
the value held by the Proven of Stake (POS) algorithm. All stable tokens are guaranteed as collateral, and stable token
holders Token solutions issue assets as much as collateral guaranteed by the financial sector, for example by banks
or securities firms. All issued Stable Tokens are guaranteed as assets, so Token holders can trade safely within
the payment guarantee. They can be safely used on the basis of collateral in real cases.

Distribution Plan

Tokens are openly operated and used for the FTB platform and foundation.

Tokens are issued to make our blockchain public and are published for the running FTB eCommerce community.

Total Issued: 5,000,000,000

Token Usage Plan


Platform Configuration

Mining node configuration

Support center configuration

Training system establishment


Software update

FTB Foundation provides the revenue model for global users with innovative
technology projects than the traditional payment methods to make the world
a better place for Blockchain Technology.

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