Content based platform on blockchain

The Freetoolbox platform supports a decentralized payment platform in which smart contract is used for a P2P content sharing that allows sellers and buyers to pay directly without any intermediaries. If Bitcoin has implemented P2P for money, FTB is a platform that has implemented P2P for content.

Minimize the costs with POA algorithms

FTB implements consensus algorithms in a POA (Proven Of Approval) manner to help clients to handle their business faster and more accurately.

AI Trading Bots

The FTB Foundation aims to generate sustainable revenue by utilizing the trading bots with results are transparent,anyone can earn profits by AI bot trading.

Crowd Funding

Various crowd funding projects are launched in FTB Foundation and utilized to diversify the products like Staking and Trading in blockchain asset.

Stable Coins available anywhere in the world

The self-operated blockchain node and Stable token helps to overcome the limitations of the payment in cryptocurrency. FTB Stable Coin is available for real-time payment and secure transactions based on the secured bit.

Escrow based Stable Coin support

Real-time transactions via Smart contracts have no alternative to re-funds and mis-traded transactions. If suppose the customer wants escrow service, then the customer pays with the stable token, and when confirmed, the final payment with Ethereum or FTB token.


People who use the FTB Foundation's services will be given the opportunity to participate in a variety of crypto-asset-operating projects, and the Foundation will benefit participants (users) through a variety of operating projects. FTBD, a private stable coin, is provided by Token management projects operated by the FTB Foundation.

Anyone can participate in the program, and users can further expand their use in real life. Users can make money by participating in various projects at the FTB Foundation, and can receive various platforms related to crypto assets that are easy for anyone to use.