AI Trading Bot

The FTB Foundation aims to generate
sustainable revenue by leveraging its
trading team and proven AI trading bots.

Cloud Funding

The FTB Foundation starts a variety of crowdfunding
projects and use products such as staging,trading
and diversify into blockchain assets.

Stable Coins

Self-operating block chain node stats.goodpayglobal.In and stable tokens help you overcome the limits of crypto payments. FTB stable coins can be used for real-time payments
and secure transactions based on security bits.These stable
coins available anywhere in the world.

Escrow-based stable coin support

Real-time transactions through smart contracts have no alternative to refunds and mistakes. The FTB Stable Coin
can be used by customers to apply for escrow if they want,
and can also be paid with a Stable Token or final
payment with Ethereum or FTB Token.

FTB Benefits

Those who use the FTB Foundation's services will be given the opportunity to participate in various crypto asset management projects, and the Foundation will benefit participants (users) through various operational projects. The token management project operated by the FTB Foundation provides a private stable coin, FTBD.

Anyone can participate in the program, and users can further expand their use in real life. Users can earn money by participating in various projects at the FTB Foundation and receive a variety of platforms related to easy-to-use encryption assets.

Encryption Asset Management Process

The FTB encrypted asset management process leverages a variety of digital assets in a variety of ways to maximize revenue.

FTB Holder

With FTBD, holders can participate in six projects. Each project has its own Project Manager (PM) and they provides a compensation plan. For example, a holder who participates in an AI trading bot may be rewarded according to the rate of return provided by the trading bot. As a result, participants will receive FTBD as a bonus upon the robot's return.

FTB Coin

The FTB coin is ERC20 based, as it is listed and used on the exchange. It can be exchanged for FTBD. FTB can be cashed at any time in exchange. Project managers can motivate and encourage participants with FTBD or by providing voucher services by establishing a variety of compensation policies. FTB holders who wish to participate in projects can participate with interest in projects that meet the value of their investment.

FTB Foundation provides the revenue model for global users with innovative
technology projects than the traditional payment methods to make the world
a better place for Blockchain Technology.

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