Based on billibit's long trading experience, the FTB trading team has generated outstanding trading revenue from digital asset trading. The FTB Foundation aims to generate sustainable revenue by utilizing the trading team and proven AI trading bots.

Project Handler - Bilibit

Bilibit is a Crypto Finance company that raises assets with AI based technology and leverages virtual currencies such as Tcoin to provide stable returns by participating users along with trading bots and professional traders. For their recently released products, Bilibit is awarded as the most popular cryptocurrency companies(May 18th to June 30th, 2020).

Recently FTB Foundation supports advanced AI bots through investments in the BilliBit robots, and FTB holders can participate in FTB bot trading. Profits can also be converted to FTBD, benefiting from FTB Foundation projects.



Trading institution helps the students to analyse current business practice by operating a program and token ecosystem that provides trading transaction know-how and generating stable profits in the long term, through the Bitcoin trading training program.

Project Handler - Blockchain Today

Blockchain Today is a magazine specializer in blockchain that publishes information related to block chain technology and encryption, which is widely seen as a key technology in the fourth industry.

Final Selected team who do best in Trading institution will be awarded as an excellent team and contract is signed for FTB professional traders, also will be joined on FTB main trading team.



Participants of P2P exchange can safely trade the various assets or digital assets by purchase or sale with a wallet.The main advantage of this platform is one user registration account can be used for buyer and seller and metamask wallet will be automatically linked with the site.

Project Provider - Good Pay Global

In Good pay global based on the block chain technology, the company has set up and completed payment solutions such as VISA and MASTER Card.

From the P2P platform,FTB Foundation generates revenue by setting up digital brokerage fees.



FTB Mall is the digital eCommerce open market platform, where allpayments happen in blockchain with secured transactions.

Project Handler - FTB Foundation

The main advantage of this platform is one user registration account can be used for buyer and seller. That means the Buyer can be a Seller and sell the product by changing to Seller Mode, similarly Seller can buy the product by changing to Buyer Mode in just simple steps.



FTB share is the digital content multivendor platform, where all the digital goods can be sold with an open market, anyone in the world can register and sell the digital contents globally.

Project Handler - FTB Foundation

Payment options like bank transfer,cryptocurrency,paypal,stable coins are supported in the digital platform.Affiliate marketing is used in this site to maximise the sales.



In payment tool,FTBD is a stable coin operated on a private blockchain unlike FTB coin, so FTBD does not require any additional gas (fee) like Ethereum nor does it use the Ethereum network. Because of this FTBD is fast (1,500 TPS or more) and used as cash on the basis of dollars in FTB business.

Project Handler - Good Pay Global

Add FTBD tokens by downloading Good Pay Global Wallet. The registered vendors can be available in the wallet is location-based and can be traced on the google map.