To identify the limitations of the various existing financial products and use them to participate in the Crypto Asset Management Programs. Furthermore, we create a blockchain ecosystem that can be used in real life.


As demand for digital assets grows day by day, the issue of maximizing stable returns has been increased. So the most important element for the crypto asset management market is to make sustainable revenue model. The FTB Foundation aims to provide participants (users) with a stable asset growth opportunity by creating a blockchain-based ecosystem that can demonstrate the stable revenue for real traders, along with the proven trading robot operation that can generate real profits.


Existing System

The demand for revenue model is increasing because of intermittent/broker is getting too much return in Initial investment and operational cost.

Proposed System

To have the minimum operating costs and fees for platform by cutoff the broker's costs with increase profits.

FTB Foundation

FTB is a global platform that allows customers to trade in various crypto projects through blockchain technology with results of higher revenue model.


Why Choose FTB?

FTB provides Global Users with innovative Prices and Services than the Traditional Payment Methods to make the world a better place for Blockchain Technology.

Revenue Sources

The FTB Foundation aims to generate sustainable revenue by utilizing the trading bots with results are transparent,anyone can earn profits by AI bot trading.

Global Marketplace

Our wallet solution is design for Global Innovative Entrepreneurs. Each Transaction is recorded in our blockchain Explorer, Traceable with our applications. Our system is transparent and reliable.

Secured User Data

Your information is our priority, we encrypt all your data and transaction with decentralized system. so hacking or stealing the data is prevented by our system.


The FTB platform is an e-commerce platform that can be used with cryptocurrencies. This platform can be traded anywhere in the world on a token basis. This project is differentiated as follows.



The Free Tool Box platform supports a decentralized payment (P2P) in which smart contract is used to pay directly without any intermediaries.


FTB implements consensus algorithms in a POA (Proven Of Approval) manner to help clients to handle their business faster and more accurately.


Private based stable token helps to overcome the limitations of the payment in cryptocurrency and is available for secure transactions in real time.


Issued stable token replaces the escrow function. If the customer wants, can apply for escrow and pays with stable token,once confirmed, then final payment with Ethereum or FTB token.


Participants who are looking an alternative financial markets rather than traditional financial systems, Here FTB Foundation offers a variety of projects to utilize various digital assets in different ways and maximize profits.

FTB APP Dashboard

Introducing FTB Main Network

FTB Foundation introduces a Token Sale Program for buying FTB (ERC20) tokens and can also staking the tokens with monthly gaining advantage of selected percentage interest, buy back program for the tokens which is all specially launched for investors or stakeholders by web.

  • Fully manage KYC application process.
  • ETH,BTC,Stable Token as one of payment option.
  • Analytics reports, Token Sales Data and Referal Programs
  • Mobile Friendly and Support all modern browser.

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