Investment information that gives profit
using solid asset management
based on global value

Investing in crypto-currency is all
about revenue-making for investors
using asset information

Valuable investment for the life of your dreams
FTB Group

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What is FTB?

What is FTB

The goal is to generate
transparent results and
sustainable profits by utilizing
the AI Bot technology
that anyone can earn.

What is FTB

We have established a trading
education system by inviting
experts in crypto investments.
Training is conducted through
FTB management, focusing
on actual sales.

What is FTB

Helps students to analyze
current business practices
by providing trading know-how
and operating a long-term stable
return-generating program
and token ecosystem.

Our Projects


AI Trading Bot

Based on Billibit's long trading
experience, the FTB trading team
has generated outstanding transaction
returns on digital asset trading.
The FTB Foundation aims to generate
sustainable revenue by leveraging its
trading team and proven AI trading bots.


Trading Education

We help students to analyze
current business practices by
providing trading know-how
through trading education
programs, generating stable
long-term profits and operating
a token ecosystem.

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Decentralized Exchange

FTB Mall is a P2P trading
platform for digital assets and
all transactions are performed
with Smart Contract based on the
Blockchain.The main advantage
of this platform is that there is no
threat of hacking like a centralized
exchange by connecting and
using personal wallets of the
buyers and sellers.

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Payment System

In the payment system, unlike
FTB Coin, FTBD is a stable coin
operated on a private blockchain,
so FTBD does not require additional
gas (fee) such as Ethereum and
does not use the Ethereum network.
Due to this, FTBD has a fast settling
time (1,500 TPS or more) and can
be used in cash in dollars for
FTB businesses.

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How to use?

Administrative Dashboard

Manage the KYC process and Investor details.

Token based Payment ETH,BTC,ERC20,Stables.

Provides detail analysis of report,token sales.

User friendly support.


FTB Foundation provides the revenue model for global users with innovative
technology projects than the traditional payment methods to make the world
a better place for Blockchain Technology.

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